24 year old Jake is the youngest son of Captain Phil Harris. He works as a Deckhand on the F/V Cornelia Marie. After starting out as the ships bait boy just a few short seasons ago, Jake has grown into an amazing full share guy who isn't afraid of the hard work that comes with that responsibility. Which is especially impressive considering that at 5'9" and about 130lbs he is smaller than the average deckhand. He takes part in every aspect of work on deck including bossing around older brother Josh and the F/V Cornelia Marie's newest Greenhorn Ryan. Look for great things to come from the Youngest of the Harris Clan.

Strength(s):His never say die attitude & his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Jake is also a total workaholic which i guess if your a crab fisherman is actually a good thing. Weakness(es): His size is you  if want to consider that a weakness...

Family: Phil Harris (father/Captain), Josh Harris (brother/fellow deckhand), Grant Harris (Grandfather/ former Fisherman), 1 other older brother besides Josh who isn't a fisherman, and 5 Sisters.Other:Jake has a great sense of Humor and is always one to try and keep the mood light...even though his dad says he has no people skills. ;-)